Taiwan Adventure Outings

Taiwan Adventure Outings (TAO) offers full service, scheduled trips as well as private customized itineraries to adventure tourism destinations across Taiwan.

We develop experiences based on your needs and upon responsible practices that support and promote local, small scale initiatives.

Snow Mountain (雪山)

Taiwan is home to some incredibly challenging and beautiful high mountain peaks. Most of the challenging treks are more off the radar, but one peak to get your blood pumping is Snow Mountain!

Snow Mountain has a few peaks of varying difficulty, and require different permits to climb. Take a trip up Snow Mountain’s Main Peak, Taiwan’s second highest peak. 

Taroko Uncut

Taroko Gorge is one of Taiwan’s most treasured natural wonders. Let us show you the more in depth, off the beaten path, adventurous side of Taroko and the surrounding area. This trip spans 5 days and takes you on cliffside hikes, indigenous homestays in the mountains, crystal clear turquoise rivers and the stunning sights of Taroko Gorge and the towering marble mountains. 

Datong Dali Homestay

Datong and Dali villages are nestled in the mountains of Taroko Gorge National Park. Tucked away from the popular tourist destinations below, the people are able to live their life unobstructed. With views overlooking the Shakadang Gorge, the Pacific Ocean, and the rest of Taroko, find peace and relaxation. People get away from their devices and connect with one another in the mountains of Taroko. Coming here you will learn about the history of the tribe, the self sufficient nature of those still here, and soak in the beauty of this special location.

Nenggao Historic Trail (能高古道)

The Nenggao Historic trail (能高越嶺古道) is a beautiful trek into the high mountains of Taiwan. While you explore Nenggao, you will be able to take in its rich history. The history between the Japanese and Aboriginal tribes is evident as you cross from Wushe to Tianchi, and up to Qilai South Peak. See the area once used as hunting grounds for the local tribes. During the Japanese occupation era the trail was used to subdue the tribes. As you hike to Qilai South Peak under the stars the famous “Sea of Clouds” will emerge.

Jade Mountain (玉山)

Welcome to Taiwan’s rooftop! The highest peak in Taiwan, at 3,952 meters, Yushan (玉山) is also the tallest mountain peak in East Asia. Jade Mountain is located in the Yushan National Park in the central mountains of Taiwan. The national park is the largest and highest in Taiwan, with an abundance of wildlife, diverse flora and fauna, and pristine forests.

Hehuanshan 5 peaks (合歡山)

Five of Taiwan’s most accessible top 100 peaks lie in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. Due to its unique position, Hehuanshan is a gorgeous location to hike the high mountains, camp, and view some of Taiwan’s history. There was once an operating ski lift on the East Peak, which the remnants are still visible.

Bespoke Adventures

Our trips take you off the beaten path to provide you with a deeper, more intimate experience that you can’t get from the seat of a tour bus. We always start with great outdoor experiences, then add layers of interaction with locals and unique experiences designed to give you a better appreciation for the areas you’re visiting.