Snow Mountain (雪山)

Taiwan is home to some incredibly challenging and beautiful high mountain peaks. Most of the challenging treks are more off the radar, but one peak to get your blood pumping is Snow Mountain! Snow Mountain has a few peaks of varying difficulty, and require different permits to climb. Take a trip up Snow Mountain’s Main Peak, Taiwan’s second highest peak.


What you need to know:

A 3 Day / 2 Night Tour

The Experience

Snow Mountain is Taiwan’s 2nd highest peak and is located about 11km from the trailhead at an elevation of 3,886m. Day 1 involves getting to the trailhead and a 1 hour hike to Qika Cabin. Day 2 involves around 6-7 hours to get to 369 Cabin. The final day usually takes 10-11 hours of hiking to Snow Mountain Main Peak and then back to the trailhead. 


Round trip private transportation will be provided from a central location (e.g. Taipei Main Station) to the Snow Mountain trailhead and Wuling Farms. In the event you require some special assistance in getting picked up, we’ll make sure you get sorted out.

The Trail

While perhaps not as technical as other high mountain hikes in Taiwan, Snow Mountain is still challenging for hikers of all fitness levels and experience. At 3,000m+ and with plenty of elevation gains, a good level of fitness is a necessity. The trail itself is well maintained and difficult to get lost on, but we’ll be traveling as a group, so that won’t be an issue.


We’re fond of good, healthy food. Especially on the trail. Our guides will cook and prepare the hearty vegetarian meals for guests.

Meals included will be Day One – Dinner, Day Two – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Day 3 Breakfast & Lunch.

Guests can bring other personal snacks as they require, but will be asked to carry these resources and are responsible for ensuring all garbage is packed out with them.

The Price

Our scheduled events to Snow Mountain regularly cost $7,000 for each guest and are coordinated with a maximum of 5-1 guest-to-guide ratios. This covers transportation, guides, meals, accommodation (in mountain huts), insurance, permits and planning assistance for porters (if needed). For private and custom tours, please contact us.

Guides & Gear

Our guides are certified mountaineering guides and all have received wilderness advanced first-aid training. These professional guides are bilingual and well versed in the local culture, flora and fauna. They’re also fun people to spend an experience like this with.

As far as gear goes, you will essentially need a comfortable and solid pair of hiking books (and comfortable socks!), a durable and waterproof jacket and at least a 50L backpack. Hiking poles are not necessary, but many do climb with them. Don’t worry. We will provide a full packing list once booking is confirmed.

What other travelers say about Taiwan Adventure Outings

TAO were an amazing company to travel with, I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting an adventure!
As two young women traveling around Taiwan, we felt incredibly safe and comfortable.

― Bonnie S, April 2019

To top off our love for TAO, TAO supports eco-friendly tourism and regularly cleans up the local community. I will definitely be recommending TAO to others and coming back for another hike if given the opportunity. 10/10!

― Alyssa B, December 2019

About us

Taiwan Adventure Outings (TAO) is a project of Origin Wild Co. and focuses on responsible adventure travel to the high mountains of Taiwan.