Taoyuan (桃園)

Adventure Awaits…..

Taoyuan, which means “peach garden” in Chinese, offers a diverse range of outdoor adventure and cultural experiences that will surely impress. We’ve curated unique and experiential tours that allow guests to make the most out of overnight trips to the region.

Forest & Farm Fondo

2 Days / 1 Night – Explore by bike and by foot as you connect to Taoyuan like never before. Discover the grandness of the rugged mountains and ancient trees, but also the subtle, rich and vibrant agricultural heritage of the land and people around you. This takes intention and a slower way of experiencing a destination.

Yoga & Art in the Woods

2 Days / 1 Night – Join a journey of the senses and connect with the land and people of Taoyuan through a unique yoga-in-the-forest experience surrounded by lush green flora and through a once-in-a-life time forest experience with famed Aboriginal artist 米路哈勇 老師, connecting to the ancient trees of Lalashan through art.

Bakers, Bikes and Farms

2 Days / 1 Night – As families, sometimes we need to just slow down and enjoy life. Bakers, Bikes and Farms helps children and parents rediscover the fun of getting dirty by connecting guests with the people and places that create the things we sometimes take for granted such as where our food comes from and how to make it.

Land & People

2 Days / 1 Night – Taoyuan boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, culinary experiences and landscapes to be shared and explored. On this tour, Origin Wild leads guests on a journey of the senses with opportunities to take in stunning landscapes, enjoy world-class food and accommodation and to slow down and experience local aboriginal cultures.