Hehuanshan 5 peaks (合歡山)

Five of Taiwan’s most accessible top 100 peaks lie in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. The Central Mountain Range lies on the border of Nantou and Hualien counties. Due to its unique position, Hehuanshan is a gorgeous location to hike the high mountains, camp, and view some of Taiwan’s history. There was once an operating ski lift on the East Peak, which the remnants are still visible.

Day 1 – After getting dropped off, we will begin hiking at 11:30am and will ascend Hehuanshan Main and East Peaks, as well as Mount Shimen all on the 1st day.

Day 2 – Having adjusted to the altitude, day two will start off early and will have guests ascend Hehuanshan North and West summits. Combined you will have knocked off 5 of Taiwan’s top 100 peaks above 3,000 meters on this trip alone!

Cost: $5300/person

Upcoming Trips

April 16th-17th
June 18th-19th
October 15th-16th

What you need to know:

A 2 Day / 1 Night Tour

The Experience

Taiwan’s most accessible high mountains does not mean it is for the faint of heart! Real trekking, and an expected level of fitness is needed to bag all five of Hehuanshan’s peaks, especially the stunning cliffside trail from North peak to West peak. Camping in the wild, the stars will shine overhead and the sun will rise and set within view of your tent. 


Round trip private transportation will be provided from a central location (e.g. Taipei Main Station) to the trailhead near Hehuanshan. In the event you require some special assistance in getting picked up, we’ll make sure you get sorted out.

The Trail

Day 1 – Hehuanshan Main & East Peaks, and Shimenshan
Distance/Time: 9km & 5 hours hiking
Trail Conditions: Covered & uncovered, soil, steps & steep sections
Difficulty Rating: 6/10

Day 2 – Hehuanshan Main and West Peaks
Distance/Time: A total of 17km & 8 hours hiking
Covered & uncovered cliffside, soil, steps & steep sections
Difficulty Rating: 9/10 (due to distance and elevation gains)


We’re fond of good, healthy food. Especially on the trail. Our guides will cook and prepare the hearty meals for guests. Vegetarian options available. Meals included will be Day One – Lunch & Dinner, Day Two – Breakfast & Lunch

The Price

The price for our scheduled event for Hehuanshan 5 Peaks is $5,300/guest and are coordinated with a maximum of 7 guests and 1 guide. This price covers private return transportation, licensed guide, meals (breakfast x1, lunch x2, dinner x1) & insurance.

Guides & Gear

Our guides are certified mountaineering and licensed tour guides and all have received wilderness advanced first-aid training. These professional guides are bilingual and are fun people to spend an experience like this with. Tents available for rent. Here is a full packing list for you.

Upcoming 2022 Adventures: 
April 16-17
June 18-19
October 15-16

$5,300 per person / 每人5,300元起

What’s Included / 行程包含:

  • Private return transportation from Taipei
  • Certified mountaineering and licensed bilingual tour guide (English and Mandarin)
  • Four meals (x1 breakfast, x2 lunch and x1 dinner)
  • Traveller Insurance

What other travelers say about Taiwan Adventure Outings

TAO were an amazing company to travel with, I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting an adventure!
As two young women traveling around Taiwan, we felt incredibly safe and comfortable.

― Bonnie S, April 2019

To top off our love for TAO, TAO supports eco-friendly tourism and regularly cleans up the local community. I will definitely be recommending TAO to others and coming back for another hike if given the opportunity. 10/10!

― Alyssa B, December 2019

About us

TAO is an Origin Wild project connecting adventurers to small scale initiatives within Taiwan, to promote the culture, environment, and local communities through sustainable adventurous tourism measures.